Glen Gray Merit Badge Fair Weekend – Mahwah, NJ – 5/16/14-5/17/14

Friday, May 16, to Saturday, May 17, 2014

Glen Gray Merit Badge Fair Weekend – Camp Glen Gray, Mahwah NJ

REGISTRATION DEADLINE: Event Signups are Closed. This information is to register for camping.

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Younger scouts who are attending and did not complete the Tot’in Chit or Fireman Card are more than welcome to complete them either Friday night. Otherwise it is AM Merit badge Class and then PM Merit badge. Your Merit Badge counselors will be getting in touch with you shortly. If you have signed up and made the commitment, please make all efforts to keep it, otherwise notify me ASAP, since there is a waiting line for other scouts. After the fair is over, we will leave around 4:30 PM.


The troop has reserved Dormanville and Beaverville for the weekend.


$ 20.00 which includes camp reservations, and food.


We will be outside for the weekend. Dress for in layers for warming days and cool nights. We are tenting in lean-to’s, however there may not be enough, so tenting on the ground will be the other option. Clothing should be appropriate for the weather. We have the same Campsites. Dormanville and Beaverville, which are great campsites, but it requires a bit of a hike to get in. Bring only the equipment which you require. A backpack is strongly encouraged.


Friday night: arrive having eaten dinner, or bring a brown bag dinner with you. We will have a snack late in the evening. Saturday, we will cook breakfast and lunch.


Payment due to Mr. Leymeister by May 2, 2014.

GettysBurg National Park April 4-7, 2014

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April 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th         

Gettysburg National Park, Eisenhower Farm/Estate, Harley Davidson Factory

1195 Baltimore Pike

Gettysburg, PA 17325

RSVP:   March 25, 2014


Scouts/Adults have the option of doing the various hikes offered to earn patches and the medal.


NOTE: Siblings/Families are invited. There are hotels right near the campsite if preferred.

The hikes are not mandatory for all and many of the “points of interest” on the hikes are accessible by car, so that is an option for families. Siblings/Families do not have to participate in the hikes, but are welcome to.  Be advised the pace of the troop may exceed that of siblings/families, so it may be necessary to split into separate groups.

Nearby Hotels:

Hilton Garden Inn                   1-866-460-7440

Hampton Inn                          1-866-460-7440

American Best                        717-334-1188

1863 Inn of Gettysburg          717-334-6211

Colton                                                 717-334-5514

Quality Inn                              717-334-3141



=Trail guides and patch info=
The National Park Service and the New Birth of Freedom Council have published a trail guide for each of these five trails and tours.

Patches/Medals that can be earned:

  • Main Gettysburg patch (Visit to Park/Visitors Center)
  • Johnny Reb, BillyYank, Eisenhower, and Historic Gettysburg segments
  • Gettysburg Trail Medal (To receive the Trail Medal, Scouts must have completed the entire set of requirements for each patch segment.)


Itinerary   (To be updated – times/days of hikes may change) Note: Since this Trip is about two Armies we will keep track of time as the military did. First time is EST and second is Military (after 12:noon just add 12 onto the EST time to get the military time.)


5:00 PM or 17:00          Meet at OLPH

5:15 PM or 17:15          Leave OLPH for Artillery Ridge Camping Resort

NOTE:  You can also choose to meet the group at Gettysburg

10:15 PM or 22:15        Arrive and Set-Up CAMP

11:00 PM or 13:00        Lights Out



7:00AM or 7:00                        Reveille and Breakfast

TBD                              National Park Visitors Center

TBD                              Johnny Reb Trail – 4 miles – 2.5 hours.

TBD                              Historic Gettysburg Trail – walking tour through downtown area and imagine what life was like there in 1863. 3 miles – 2-3 hours.

TBD                              Dinner

11:00 PM or 23:00        Sleep!


07:00 or 7:00                Reveille and Breakfast

TBD                              Billy Yank Trail – 10 miles – 6 hours. Takes you through the Gettysburg battlefield.

TBD                              Eisenhower Estate/Farm

TBD                              Dinner


Activities in and around camp. Explore the camp, work on advancement requirements, exploring camp, playing games, etc.

Saturday/Sunday Night:

Fantastic star gazing if the night sky is clear.  Bring binoculars or a telescope if you have one.

Monday Morning:

7:00 AM or 7:00           Breakfast in camp.

9:00 AM or 9:00           Pack up and depart for Harley Davidson Tour  (children under 12 are not allowed on the tour)

11:00AM or 11:00         Depart for Home Optional stop ( At drivers’ discretion) : Cabela’s- Hamburg, PA.

TBD                              Eisenhower Estate if not done on Sunday


  • Personal gear including water bottle, knife, fork, spoon, cup, bowl and/or plate.
  • Cold weather clothes, boots, hats, gloves, sleeping clothes, etc

NOTE: Refer to Pathfinder website for cold weather tips

Cost:   Estimated to be around $55 to 50 for adults, $50 per scout sibling   NOTE: A Scout subsidy request will be presented to the Troop Committee. Will be completed on Tuesday  March 8th


Car Pools:

If someone else is driving your son on this trip, please consider providing them with a fair stipend for gas, etc.


  • Scouts will cook for themselves
  • Adults will cook for themselves
  • Plan for Saturday & Sunday -Breakfast, Lunch, Supper; Monday – Breakfast.

Siblings:  Siblings welcome.   An adult must be with a non-Scout sibling at all times. Siblings/Families do not have to participate in the hikes, but are certainly welcome to.


National Park Site

White Water Rafting – Lehigh June 6-8

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Whitewater Rafting on the Lehigh River is always a troop favorite.  We will take part in a Dam Release Weekend on the Lehigh through the Whitewater Challengers Outfitter & Campground.


Dates – Depart 5:30 PM on Friday, June 6 from OLPH Lower Parking Lot.  Return home by noon on Sunday, June 8.


Campground Location/GPS address:  Whitewater Challengers – 288 North Stagecoach Rd, Weatherly, PA 18255.  Latitude 40.9844, Longitude  -75.7864


Directions:  From Oakland, take I-287 south to I-80 west.  Cross the Delaware River (toll) and continue on I-80 west to exit 273 in Pennsylvania.   Go west on Route 940 for 1/2 mile.  Turn left onto Lehigh Gorge Drive.  Go  4.8 miles and turn right onto Buck Mountain Road. Go 1 mile to first intersection. Turn right again onto North Stagecoach Road. Go 300 yards to the entrance on the right.


Siblings – Siblings aged 9+, with height of 44”+ are welcome WITH a parent.  Siblings must pay the “adult” rate.


Food – since the focus is on rafting, we will be utilizing the dining facility for Saturday Breakfast, Dinner and Sunday Breakfast.  Friday night snacks and a bag lunch for Saturday will be prepared prior to our departure.



BSA Health form – Please make sure you have a CURRENT health form on file with the troop.

Whitewater Challenger Waiver – This form is required by the outfitter of all participants.  Please provide the form to Rob Dente. Link to form:



Weather:  Always check the weather prior to camping.  The temperature forecast for this weekend is as low as 53 degrees at this time, and cloudy with a chance of rain.  Please bring adequate rain gear, etc.  The trips on the River run Rain or Shine!!!


Advancement – We will have lots of opportunity for scouts to learn and review advancement requirements.  Please bring along your Scout Handbook and work with your Patrol Leader and other Troop Guides/Instructors.


Rafting Safety Video – The Whitewater Challengers Outfitter offers a safety video on their website.  The video is less than 6 minutes in length.  Take a moment to watch this with those attending the trip to remind and re-emphasize the importance of safety on the trip:


What to Pack/bring – Always refer to the Boy Scout Handbook for information on what to pack on campouts.  Here is a list that is a bit more customized for our trip this weekend.


__Class A Uniform:  Scouts are to travel in their CLASS A uniform:  Scout Pants or shorts, Shirt & Troop Neckerchief.  Uniforms are required for Saturday Dinner and Sunday Breakfast.  We will take a troop photo just prior to dinner on Saturday night in Class A uniforms.

__Pack in a duffel bag or soft backpack (No frame packs, please, since space in cars may be limited)

__Plastic hanger to hang your scout uniform up when you are not wearing it

__Old sneakers (NOT flip flops, loose-fitting sandals, “crocs,” and bare feet – these are not permitted)

__Bathing suit

__2 Full changes of clothes

__Dry shoes/boots/sneakers (for after the trip)

__Eyeglass straps

__Suntan lotion

__ Cap or visor

__Warm Layer, including wool hat, sweater, socks, gloves for when the temperature drops at night


__ Sleeping Bag 32-40 degree rated at a minimum.

__ Pillow

__Ground Sheet or Foam Pad

__Cot (optional / if space provides)


__Tent (The troop has a number of tents available if you do not have one)

__BSA Handbook

__Toiletries for showering – After a day of sweating and river water, showers are a MUST!!!

__Flip flops for shower

__ At least 1 towel – 2 is preferred

__Consider money for the following items:

Wet Suit (optional/weather permitting) – approx. $25 for full suit

Souvenir Photos – Each raft is photographed.  You may wish to purchase yours.

Trading post – There is a popular snack bar with hot dogs, snacks and soft serve ice cream.

Zip Line – The facility operates a zip line on site, which is an extra cost.


See the outfitter website at  for more info and current prices of optional activities, etc.


What do we wear in the raft?   In warmer weather, a swim suit or shorts and T-shirt are best.  A baseball cap, visor, or sunglasses are helpful in bright, sunny weather.  Old sneakers or shoes that lace-up offer the best foot protection.  Flip flops, loose-fitting sandals, “crocs” and bare feet are not permitted.  Snug fitting sandals (like Tevas) that attach firmly at the toe and heel are acceptable, but don’t offer the same foot protection against sharp rocks as old sneakers do. Wet suit booties are available in our rental shop.  In cooler conditions, a wool sweater or windbreaker is ideal.  In cool or cold conditions DO NOT wear cotton, either on its own, or under a wet suit or windbreaker.  Wet suits and waterproof paddling gear can be rented at the rafting center.  (Rental fee is $20 for full wet suit package; or $6 for jacket; $6 for pants; $5 for booties and $3 for mittens.)  Cotton, when wet, loses all insulation value and will make you colder, not warmer.


What can we bring in the raft?  In the raft, bring as little as possible.  The Troop will provide lunch.  If there is medication you might require, keep it with you on the river.  Towels, dry clothes, valuables, and other than waterproof cameras should be left at camp.  Scouts should see me about locking items up while out on the river.


Please Do Not Bring the following:

• No Alcohol/drugs (Never allowed in scouting. Not allowed on the river or in WWC camping areas)

• No smoking in the campsite.  Use designated areas as identified by the WWC campground.

• No Ice chests in rafts.  These take up too much room and can pose a hazard in rough water

• No hooded rain suits/ponchos in the rafts (these are unsafe for use in moving water)

• No bare feet, loose sandals, “crocs” or flip-flops (unsafe on the river)

• No cotton clothing in cold weather (makes you colder when wet; use polypropylene or wool)

• No expensive cameras (unless waterproof)

• No Jewelry, valuables – they are irreplaceable if lost in the river.

• No Wallets on the river.  Lock them in your car.

• No Keys on the river.  The outfitter has a key board in the office.

•No Pets (Never allowed in scouting.  Not allowed on the river or in the campground)

Preparedness for the trip

All attendees are required to have passed the BSA “Swimmer” Test within the past 12 months.  So, if you have been to summer camp and have completed the swim test, then you are covered.  If not, you will need to arrange to have the BSA swim test completed.  The swimmer must complete the following:

–          Jump feetfirst into water over the head in depth.

–          Level off and swim 75 yards in a strong manner using one or more of the following strokes:

  • sidestroke,
  • breaststroke,
  • trudgen, or
  • crawl;

–          then swim 25 yards using an easy resting backstroke.

–          The 100 yards must be completed in one swim without stops and must include at least one sharp turn.

–          After completing the swim, rest by floating.

All attendees should be familiar with BSA Safety Afloat.  Visit this link to learn more:

New Scout Weekend- Glen Gray, Mahwah – March 28-30

Glen Gray New Scout Weekend – Camp Glen Gray, Mahwah NJ

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There are three main objectives for the weekend.
Get some camping and tenting in for new scouts to promote advancement
Refine our outdoor navigation skills on any one of several orienteering courses at Glen Gray. This is a requirement for First Class, and for the Orienteering Merit Badge. Courses run from simple 1.6 mile courses to 6.0 mile courses requiring 4-6 hours to complete.
Participate in the new scout program, both as “givers” and “takers”. In the list below, we will be teaching the knot station.

New scouts will have the opportunity to visit stations to accomplish the following:
1. Totin’ chip
2. Firem’n Chit
3. Leave No Trace
4. Poisonous Plants-#11*
5. Physical Fitness-#10*, or,
6. Ropes-#4*a, b, c, or,
7. Flag Etiquette-#6*+Oath, Law, Motto, Slogan-#7*, or
8. First Aid-for chocking, bruises/cuts/scrapes/blisters/burns or,
9. First Aid for stings/snakebites/nosebleed/frost bite/sunburn.
* indicates Tenderfoot requirement from the Boy Scout Handbook

The troop has reserved Benedict Lodge for the weekend. We can accommodate 24 scouts inside, with some tenting outside. Given our hearty winter, priority for cabin bunks will be given to younger and less experienced scouts; tenting outside may be granted to less experienced scouts based on prevailing weather conditions!

Click below to enlarge the map.

Glen Gray Map

$ 25.00 which includes camp reservations, and food.

We will be outside for the weekend. Dress for in layers for warming days and cool nights. For those sleeping outside, we will be tenting either on the ground or on platforms, depending on what is available. Clothing should be appropriate for the weather. We have a lovely campsite, but it requires a bit of a hike to get in. Bring only the equipment which you require. A backpack is strongly encouraged.

Friday night: arrive having eaten dinner, or bring a brown bag dinner with you. We will have a snack late in the evening. Saturday, we will cook breakfast and lunch, and have dinner in camp. Sunday morning, we’ll have breakfast, pack up, and head for home. If you need to cook one or more meals for advancement, this is your opportunity to step up and make it happen!

Payment due to Mr. Peter Foley by THURSDAY, MARCH 27.