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Did you “Go Big and Get Wild” in 2013? Then you’re well prepared to “Live Scouting’s Adventure” in 2017. The 2017 National Scout Jamboree dates have been set! Jamboree will be held from July 19 to July 28, 2017 at the Summit Bechtel Reserve in West Virginia. Will you be there in 2017? Start preparing now! Registration for youth is expected to open in May of 2015, and you will likely have to be 1st Class or above, so get busy!

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Cooking Extravaganza and Court of Honor- Friday, January 23, to Saturday, January 24, 2015

Cooking Extravaganza and Court of Honor

Friday, January 23, to Saturday, January 24, 2015

REGISTRATION DEADLINE FOR THE CAMPOUT, NOT The Court of Honor, is Wednesday January 21, 2015

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We’ll focus on building cooking skills as we prepare a feast for the January Court of Honor to be held Saturday night at Camp Glen Gray 5:00 PM.  Come celebrate your achievements and help welcome new bridging scouts.



Friday evening, we’ll depart OLPH just about 5PM for the short drive to Camp Glen Gray.  We’ll have dinner Friday evening and stay in cabins.  Those needing outdoor camping nights for OA or Camping Merit Badge may sleep in a tent PROVIDED the Scout approves it with Mr. Burns ahead of time.  It will be cold for winter camping and only for the well prepared older or ranked up scouts.

Saturday, we’ll have breakfast and start cooking for the Court of Honor Feast to be held Saturday at 5PM in the warm cafeteria. Families are invited (and encouraged) to attend the COH and should RSVP to the Troop website.   This RSVP is for camping only.  Come celebrate your scout’s success and show him your support.



Glen and Gray cabins.  12 scouts each.  Preference given to younger scouts.



This trip affords the prepared scout an opportunity to make progress on the Camping Merit Badge.  For the Camping Merit Badge, Requirement 9 states:

Show experience in camping by doing the following:

a. Camp a total of at least 20 days and 20 nights.* Sleep each night under the sky or in a tent you have pitched. The 20 days and 20 nights must be at a designated Scouting activity or event. You may use a week of long-term camp toward this requirement. If the camp provides a tent that has already been pitched, you need not pitch your own tent.

*All campouts since becoming a Boy Scout or Varsity Scout may count toward this requirement.

b. On any of these camping experiences, you must do TWO of the following, only with proper preparation and under qualified supervision:

  1. Hike up a mountain, gaining at least 1,000 vertical feet.
  2. Backpack, snowshoe, or cross-country ski for at least 4 miles.
  3. Take a bike trip of at least 15 miles or at least four hours.
  4. Take a nonmotorized trip on the water of at least four hours or 5 miles.
  5. Plan and carry out an overnight snow camping experience.
  6. Rappel down a rappel route of 30 feet or more.

c. Perform a conservation project approved by the landowner or land managing agency.



If you need to cook one or more meals for advancement, this is your opportunity to step up and make it happen!  We need dinner Friday, and breakfast, and lunch, on Saturday for the troop!


Opportunities for cooking for advancement in rank and for the Cooking merit badge.

Scouts working on the merit badge should have a counselor and discussed the event with him or her.  Troop 49 does not guarantee meeting any requirement other than for advancement which cannot be use twice and counted for the current Eagle Cooking Merit Badge.



We will be outside for the weekend.  Dress in layered winter clothing, including a jacket, hat, boots and gloves. Clothing must be appropriate for the weather.



$ 20.00 which includes camping, and food for the campout.  COH is free to all.  Bring a camp chair.



Payment due to Mr. Peter Foley by Thursday, Wednesday January 21 2014.

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