Weboree Staff – April 26-28


Once again, it’s time for scouts, venturers, and leaders to inspire the next generation.  The Weboree is an annual event that is only open to 4th grade Webelos Scouts.  They get a taste of scouting through camping at No-Be-Bo-Sco, cooking their own food, and exploring the many program areas that we set up for them.

The areas that we are looking to help staff are:

  • Rocket Station – This is a station that the scouts visit during the day.  Each group that comes through the station gets to build a number of Soda Bottle rockets.  These rockets stay with us at the station, until 3PM, when all of the camp gathers on the A-field, and we have multiple launchpads ready to fire them all off.  It’s a great program and always well received.
  • Trail Guides – These are experienced scouts who know their way around Camp No-Be-Bo-Sco, and lead groups of Webelos Scouts from station to station.  Don’t worry… Trail guides don’t miss the fun of launching rockets, because all trail guides bring their groups to the A-field at 3PM, and assist with the firing of the rockets.

Mr. Dente will be coordinating the staff helpers from Troop 49 & Crew 26.  Please use the form at this link to register, and Mr. Dente will register all of the staff as a group.

There are a few items to take care of if you wish to serve on staff.  These must be completed by 3/31, so that the correct orders can be placed for T-shirts, hats, etc.  Complete the web form, and return the paper forms to Mr. Dente.

  1. Register so that we know you are going to attend.  Use the online form at this link.
  2. Provide a copy of your current BSA Medical form (Parts A & B) for a weekend campout.  Use the paper form at this link.
  3. Have your parent(s) and Unit Leader approve of your participation.  Use the paper form at this link.
  4. Get your payment to Mr. Dente, who will make one payment for all staff members when he registers the group.  You may pay cash or check made out to him.  To calculate how much you owe, please use the form at this link.

For more information about staffing the Weboree, check out this link.


Summer Camp at Turrell – 2013


Ready to go?  Fill out the Sign Up Form

For payment, use this Payment Form

– If you are attending multiple Council Camp experiences, refer to this Camper Sampler form for pricing information

All Scouts and Parents must agree and sign the Troop Behavior Policy


Dates to remember:

March 15 – Campership applications due to NNJ Council

April 1 – Registration opens on website for merit badge signups

April 8 – Early bird deadline (fees go up $50.00 after this date!)

July 28 – August 3th – Summer Camp!!!


Camp Fees: 

Important Note:  Do not make payments directly to the council; All Payments will be handled through Troop 49 to reduce additional accounting work on both sides.

Through our fundraising efforts, Troop 49 is able to give each scout a $30 credit for use for one NNJC Summer Camp weeks at either Floodwood or Turrell.


Full price

Less $30 troop subsidy

Paying by 4/8



Paying after 4/8



Bottom line – If you’re not going to Floodwood, and you pay by April 8, the cost is $325.


Camp Information:

As we get closer to camp time, information including the 2012 Summer Camp Leader’s Guide, Medical forms and Merit Badge class signups will be posted on the Northern New Jersey Council Website at:   www.nnjbsa-turrell.org


Merit Badge Class registration – When the form to register for merit badges goes on line, each scout attending camp must go through and sign up for classes during each session of the day.  Please make sure that when you go through this process, you select the correct camp week that we will be there:

               Session 4         (Week 4)         July 28 to August 3



If you have any other questions, contact Mr. Tendai Richards at tendai@optonline.net.

Jockey Hollow – Morristown National Historical Park – April 19-21, 2013


Jockey Hollow is the location of our April trip.  Located in Morristown National Historical Park, Jockey Hollow is an easy 35 minute drive down Rt. 287.  Rich in history, Jockey Hollow was the location General Washington selected for his encampment in the cold winter of 1777.  Through skillful selection (or wonderful coincidence), this is Encampment Weekend at Jockey Hollow, and the hills and hollows will resound with the calls and explosions of authentic civil war life.  Be well rested, the Patriot’s Path Council offers a Trail Medal to those scouts who complete the 10 mile hike, answer a few questions while on the trail, and complete a 250-word essay.  This should be a terrific outing!

To register – Use the form at this link.

To pay – Use the form at this link



We will meet at OLPH’s lower parking lot at 5:30 PM on Friday, April 19.  We’ll cook dinner there, but it will be a bit late, so have a snack before arriving.

After a filling breakfast on Saturday morning, we’ll make sandwiches for the trail on Saturday, as we’ll not be back to the camp until late in the afternoon.  We will have dinner in camp on Saturday evening.

Sunday Morning, we will awaken, pack, and eat breakfast.  Sunday plans are not final; those who wish to earn the Trail Medal may stop at the George Washington museum in Morristown.  More on that later.  Worst case, we’ll arrive back in Oakland early Sunday afternoon.



$20 per camper – includes camp fees at Jockey Hollow plus meals



We will be tenting!

Layered clothing appropriate for the weather.  It is still early in the year, and evenings will be cold.

Prepare for rain – we will forge on regardless!


Sleeping bag

Mess kit – no paper goods will be provided!

Toiletries – latrines are all we’ll have in the camp site

Although a pack is helpful, for this trip, a duffel bag is sufficient.  We will have the Troop trailer with us



Cooking will split between group cooking and patrol cooking

More information will come from the Patrol Leaders



Allowed on this trip only with parent participation.  However, we will be covering a lot of ground on Saturday – over 10 miles …



RSVP and Payment Due by Wednesday, April 10, 2013




Camp Glen Gray Merit Badge Fair – Mahwah NJ, May 17-19, 2013


The annual Glen Gray Merit Badge Fair provides a tremendous local opportunity for scouts to earn merit badges.  Well prepared scouts can come away with a couple of signed Blue Cards.  Other can get partials, and be well on the way to completion.  You will also capture another night of camping toward advancement.

To register, you must send the program organizers an email (read instructions below) AND also complete the Troop Registration form located at this link:  Troop Registration Form

Please find the Payment Page at this link:  Payment Page

Participation requires an overnight stay on Friday night.  Scouts wishing to pursue the Astronomy badge will require a late night on Saturday, which will require a parent to attend.  The following merit badges will be offered:

Badges offered

Class Capacity Time: (AM session 9-11:30, PM session 1-4)

Max 10


Max 10

All day and some of Saturday night
Automotive maintenance

Max 10

In AM & PM sessions

Max 10

In AM & PM sessions

Max 10

In AM & PM sessions
Fire safety

Max 12

In AM & PM sessions
Nuclear Science

Max 10


Max 12

In AM & PM sessions

Max 8

In AM & PM sessions
Citizen in the Nation (E)

Max 10

Communications (E)

Max 12

Family Life (E)

Max 12

AM only
First aid (E)

Max 12


 Your counselor will be given your e-mail address, expect to hear from him/her by April 15th
Classes are filled on a first-come, first-served basis.  Register right away …

Please email this information to campglengray@aol.com and carbon copy Mr. Leymeister at  leydell58@optonline.net.


Reservations will receive e-mail confirmation of class acceptance. Fill out one for each Scout.
Scout’s Name ___________________ of Troop 49,  Oakland, NJ
E-mail ______________________________________________Phone number ________________________________
Badges and session:







After April 1 we will reserve our campsite, any open spots after that will be first-come, first-served based on availability.



$ 12.00 to be paid to Camp Glen Gray Merit badge Fair in advance for the Scout attending.

A $5.00 fee for the scout will be paid to Troop 49 along with a $17 fee for attendance at the merit badge fair for an adult who is either staying over or just for the day.  The merit badge fair fee is separate this year.



The merit badge fair takes place rain or shine.  We will be tenting either on the ground or on platforms, depending on what is available.  Clothing should be appropriate for the weather.  We have a lovely campsite, but it is up on a ridge and requires a bit of a hike.  Bring only the equipment which you require.  A backpack is strongly encouraged.



Friday night: arrive having eaten dinner, or bring a brown bag dinner with you.  We will have a snack late in the evening.  Saturday, we will cook breakfast and lunch in camp.  If you need to cook one or meals for advancement, this is your opportunity to step up and make it happen!



There are no siblings for this trip.



Payment due to Mr. Peter Foley by April 1st



 We will assemble at the OLPH lower parking lot and depart at 5:30 PM.  We will assemble after the Merit  Badge Fair 4:00 PM for transfer of information and what each scout has accomplished.


Flag Raising Ceremony:

For any scout that needs to participate in a flag raising ceremony, Troop 49 will be performing this Saturday morning.  Please let me know if your scout would like to participate.



Eagle Candidates and New Eagle Scouts


Eagle Candidates

Life to Eagle process – Please review this Life to Eagle Document for your preparation for the rank of Eagle Scout.  It contains many different things you must do in order to complete the requirements for the Rank of Eagle Scout.

Advancement Records – The troop Advancement Chairperson keeps records of all your activities, although you may also want to keep your own copy as well.   For your convenience, a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet is available for you to record your activities and progress.  To download the template, right-mouse button click on this Advancement Tracker Spreadsheet link, and select “Save target as”.  Save the file to your local computer, and you can edit the file in Microsoft Excel.


Eagle Scouts

Congratulations!!!  Now that you’ve completed your Trail to Eagle, the troop needs to prepare for your ceremony.  There are a number of things to prepare for on your side, as well.  Please review the following information, complete the questionnaire.  If you have any questions, please contact our Eagle Ceremony coordinator, Mrs. Peggy Cameron at cameronm@optonline.net

Ceremony Choices – All ceremonies contain the Eagle Oath and Eagle Charge.  When you let Mrs. Cameron know which script you would like to use, she will work with you to “fill in the blanks” on participation roles, dignitaries, etc.

  • Voice of the Eagle – In this ceremony, the “Voice of the Eagle” presents a narrative of the scout’s trail to Eagle, highlighting the scout’s credentials as specific events in the Scout’s journey.
  • Eagle Court – In this ceremony, the scout is presented before a “court” which reviews elements of the Scout Law in reference to the scout’s credentials.
  • “Simple” Ceremony – This ceremony includes a review of the scout’s credentials, the Eagle Oath and Eagle Charge.

Invitation Template (added 01/15/12) – Families are obligated to print their own invitations.  The troop will announce the Eagle Ceremony in the weekly Pathfinder Email, and the troop will also handle the invitation of dignitaries to the events.  Dignitaries include the President of the United States on down to our local Mayor and Council of Oakland.

For your convenience, a Microsoft Word 2010 document template is available, formatted to the size and layout of the Eagle Ceremony invitation card stock available through BSA Supply which can be purchased at the scout shop in Oakland, or at www.scoutstuff.org.  To download the template, right-mouse button click on this Invitation Template link, and select “Save target as”.  Save the file to your local computer, and you can edit the file in Microsoft Word 2010.